About Our company

ORLEY is the leading mineral water supplier in all over Gujarat.ORLEY produce mainly three products with the better quality and attractive look powered by our 3 plants and other dealers of ORLEY mineral waters.

Leading Mineral water supplier since 2.5 years

imageORLEY Started Performing On 20th Sept in 2009 And Then Gradually Extended the Areas of Operation in all over Gujarat. ORLEY bring new changes in process system continuously to provide the best test of purity to people. The main object of ORLEY is to contribute our sincere efforts for a healthy future of people by providing pure drinking water .We Newly Ventured The 200ml Pouch.image

We Also Produce 20 Liters Mineral Water Bottles ,Which Pass Through Advance Water purify System In Our Plant. Water Filled In These Bottles Are Pure, Hygienic And Free From all Impurities. ORLEY with added minerals is put through some multiple stages of purification which makes the water you drink completely safe and healthy. We Also Produce 20 liters Mineral Water Jug .This Jug Is Totally Fresh And New .It It Makes You Always Refresh And It Is also Healthy and pure. Today ORLEY is the leading mineral water supplier in ALL OVER GUJARAT.

ORLEY assure you to supply products at minimum price and with best QUALITY compare to others and we also assure you to provide our best service compare to others. ORLEY believes in QUALITY and SERVICE.

Main Service Areas

We serve mineral water in following departments

  • Marriage or other functions
  • Residential purpose
  • Hospital uses
  • Party order

Big Deals

“ Shadbhavna mission” - GMDC Ground (800-900 Jugs)

“Kankariya carnival” - In 2010-11 (2500-2800 jugs)

“Jaggannath bhagvan's bhandara” - Jamalpur (1500-1600 Jugs per day)